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3d puzzle platformer,   DumbBot is a dumb Ai bot who can do only 1 task at a time to do diffrent task he has to unlearn the known task first.

W,A,S,D to move (only when the movement M skill is equipped) , left stick for xbox controller

Space to jump (only when the jump J skill is equipped) , A button for xbox controller

Mouse to aim and left click to fire (only when shoot S skill is equipped) , right stick to aim ,right trigger to shoot for xbox controller 

use mouse or right stick of controller to controll the camera


1.kill all enemies in the area to complete level
2.movement ,jump ,shoot are the 3 skill ,u can only use 1 skill at a time.
3.to use diffrent skills Ulearn the equipped skill first ,
than equip other skill from Ui button

4.use mouse for the camera controll

5.full xbox controller support 

Win Condition- 1.Kill all enemies in the level

Loose Condition-1.Dumbbot health =0
                2.No skill left to use


dumbbot.rar 21 MB

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